September 2019

Kipepeo-Clothing launches the first project in Kenya. In the future, the sale of the first Kipepeo-Kenya Collection will support the "Songa Mbele Na Masomo" Children's Center in Nairoi
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January 2018

As every year, Kipepeo-Clothing finances the complete rental, food and catering for the Utukufu Nursery School in Arusha, Tanzania.

January 2018

Kipepeo-Clothing pays the school fees for the year 2018 for three more students at the "Mecsons Primary School" in Arusha.

Oktober 2017

Another milestone at the Mecsons primary school! A new school building comes to existence! The foundation was sponsored by Kipepeo-Clothing through our sales over the last 14 months! We would also like to thank the Africafestival in Darmstadt for a donation of another 5000€ used for the brick shell.

Februar 2016

Kipepeo sponsors a new computer classroom for Mecsons primary school in Arusha, Tanzania with 20 computers. Its one of the very first computer classrooms at a primary school in Tanzania.

Januar 2016

As has been the case every year since 2014, Kipepeo Clothing pays the rental costs for the entire school building and its grounds at the “Utukufu Nursery School” in Usa River, Arushu..

Dezember 2015

Kipepeo Clothing and EDV Beratung Stephan Peitz donate 20 new, remotely maintainable pre-configured English language laptops for Mecsons Primary School’s computer room. The computer room was set up with the donations from Kipepeo Clothing’s 2012 “Kipemanjaro” charity walk, and was completed in 2014. Kipepeo Clothing arranged the laying of a power cable to Olasiti in 2015, thereby creating the foundation for the dream of a computer room at Mecsons Primary School with internet access becoming a reality.

Juli 2015

Kipepeo-Clothing supports two pupils from Mecsons primary school by paying their school fees for another six months.

Mai 2015

As has been the case every year since 2014, Kipepeo Clothing pays the rental costs for the entire school building and its grounds at the “Utukufu Nursery School” in Usa River, Arushu.

März 2015

Kipepeo brings electricity to Mecsons Primary School ! Thanks to the Christmas business takings, Kipepeo arranges a power line to the Olasiti quarter. The dream of a computer room with internet connectivity becoming a reality comes within reach.

März 2015

The entrance area of Utukufu School gets a new coat of paint ! We are pleased, as are the children, with the fine result.

Januar 2015

The new Utukufu School building: the next step involves re-painting the school’s entrance area.

Dezember 2014

Utukufu School is moving! We are pleased to have a rental agreement for the new school building in Usa River for the next three years.

Dezember 2014

Der Wiederaufbau des Maasai-Marktes schreitet voran. Kipepeo finanziert den Wiederaufbau des Marktstandes der Kipepeo-Näherinnen Vicky und Vivian, deren Stand samt Inventar den Flammen der Brandkatastrophe im November zum Opfer gefallen ist.

November 2014

A fire of huge proportions broke out in the Maasei Market in Arusha on the night of 17th November.

The market, which is a tourist attraction and houses many local artists, textile workers and artisans, burnt down completely.

Many people lost their entire possessions and are still faced by the loss of their livelihood. Two of those affected are our friends Vicky and Vivian, who have been producing scarves, bags and other articles for Kipepeo for the last two years.

Unfortunately, no aid can be expected from the Tanzanian government for rebuilding the Maasai Market, and the cost of new stalls, materials, sewing machines and much more must be borne by the traders themselves.

This is why Kipepeo has decided to help: as well as supporting the school projects, we shall be financing a new stall for Vicky and Vivian from our Christmas proceeds. This lets them quickly restart their trading and feed their families!

September 2014

Probably the most important moment in five years of Kipepeo: Abigail completes her graduation! This the girl who in 2008 gave Martin a present of the drawing that became the first Kipepeo design. Her school fees have been entirely paid for by Kipepeo since 2009. Abigail will now be able to visit a higher school.

September 2014

Kipepeo donates 35 Kipepeo graduation shirts to the seventh grade boys and girls of Mecsons Primary School.

August 2014

Asante Kipepeo! The children of Utukufu School thank us for our support!

Juli 2014

David visits Mecsons School and brings further donations. Using a bank loan, the construction of a new building should begin at the end of 2014, intended to house a computer room.

April 2014

David delivers the rent for Utukufu School for the second half of 2014.

Januar 2014

Kipepeo takes over the entire rent and running costs of Utukufu Nursery School, starting 2014

September 2013

A goat to say: “Thank you!“ Vanessa’s parents show their gratitude for our support over the last few years.

September 2013

Martin and Vanessa shortly before her graduation. Vanessa’s education has been financed by Kipepeo since 2009.

September 2013

Repairs have started at Utukufu School. The building has been repainted and the letters of the alphabet appear over the school entrance.

September 2013

The Utukufu school building needs repainting and the holes in the walls filling in.

Juni 2013

David visits Mecsons School and hands over further donations to the school administration for Abigail and Vanessa’s school fees.

Juni 2013

Kipepeo has the first school uniforms for Utukufu School made.

April 2013

Kipepeo buys the first blackboards for Utukufu School.

März 2013

New school benches for Utukufu School! Kipepeo finances the acquisition of new writing desks for each schoolboy and girl.

September 2012

Kipepeo prints the first designs produced during lessons at Utukufu School. The sales of the ‘Zebra’ and ‘Hippo’ designs go to provide the school with new writing desks.

September 2012

Kipepeo visits Utukufu (Kiswahili: ‘Glory’) Nursery School for the first time. The school is part of the Utukufu Project, which is dedicated to supporting parents with HIV/Aids and their children.

Ten girls and ten boys from two to five years will be taught at the school starting November 2012.

September 2012

A new water pump for Mecsons School. Using the pump allows groundwater to be brought to the surface very simply through turning pedals.

September 2012

The greatest moment so far: Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda thanks Kipepeo on behalf of Tanzania for our dedication over the last few years.

September 2012

Kipepeo provides graduation shirts at Mecsons School for the first batch of graduates. This is the class that Martin, Kipepeo’s founder, himself taught in 2008.

Mai 2012

Kipepeo supports Mecsons School for the buying of new plants for the school yard.

März 2012

The Kipepeo kitchen is finished! Cooking can now be done under hygienic conditions for the children of Mecsons School.

November 2011

Building work progresses. The kitchen should be finished in the spring of 2012.

Oktober 2011

David hands Mecky a further donation from Kipepeo. This will allow completion of the kitchen building.

September 2011

The shell of the building is up. Only the internals and the roof are missing. David will bring Mecsons School further donations from the sale of shirts in October.

Juli 2011

Building starts. The base and the foundation walls of the new kitchen are up. Kipepeo helps the school building work with the first 500 stones and ten sacks of cement.

Juni 2011

The old kitchen block. The foundation for the new kitchen will be laid soon.

März 2011

It is intended to build a new, large kitchen block at Mecsons Primary School. Kipepeo adds the “Elephant” and “Kilimanjaro” designs to its portfolio. The kitchen will be financed through the sales of these new shirts.

Februar 2011

Abigail and Vanessa thank us for paying their school fees since 2009. Before Kipepeo’s inception, their school fees were paid for by side jobs during college.

Januar 2011

Abigail sees a Kipepeo shirt with her design on it for the first time.

Okt 2010

Kipepeo’s first ‘Love You’ shirts are sold to friends and acquaintances. This income allows to pay for Abigail and Vanessa’s school fees.


Seven-year-old Abigail’s first Kipepeo drawing. She lays the foundation for a unique project.